The Co-Creative Center

The Waterfront Historic Area League (WHALE), as owner and developer, is collaborating with AHA!, New Bedford Art Museum / ArtWorks! and  architect studio2sustain began construction in Spring 2016. The full restoration is known as the Co-Creative Center and is expected to open March 2017- only with your help.

Are you interested in
…fostering emerging artists?
…repurposing historic buildings?
…a vibrant streetscape?

Check out the Patronicity campaign for current project info! If the new downtown creative economy development can raise $50,000 by November 23 then MassDevelopment will match every dollar for capital equipment of the maker space and its final build-out.

Thank You to All Patronicity Supporters!

The mission of the Co-Creative Center is to establish a footprint for creative enterprise in the historic downtown to connect, support and celebrate artists and cultural entrepreneurship.

Pioneers for Innovation
Island Foundation
Upstream Foundation

Local Arts Advocates
Gurdon Buck (in memoriam)
Paul Downey
Peter Kavanaugh

Campaign Supporters Also Include…
Erik Bednarek
Teri Bernert
Diane Brodeur
Andy Burnes
Beverly Carter
Christina Connelly
Amanda Dee
Amanda DeGrace
Ian & Kathryn Duff
Kimberly Ferro
Noelle Foye
Jen Gonet
Sandy Hall
Patricia Houliham
Viera Levitt
Roger Mandle
Trip & Dora Millikin
New Bedford Economic Development Council
Dr. Kenneth Reardon
Nicole St-Pierre
Sean Silva
Nicholas Sullivan
Adrian Tio

This project is made possible by the generous support of…

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1772 Foundation




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Partners of the Co-Creative Center

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