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Sundays: (Ongoing)
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Tickets: $5
Ages: 4-12

Join us on Sundays for an intergenerational art experience and Family Friendly Art Activities for children between 4-12 years old.


Memories: Floral Workshop

Thursday, November 30th
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Non-Members: $100.00
Members: $90.00

Renowned floral designer, Bella Meyer guides participants in creating floral arrangements based on memories and perception. $100 includes materials.

Born in Paris and raised in Switzerland, Bella Meyer was born immersed in the world of art. She always painted while studying art history and obtaining her Ph.D in medieval art history from the Sorbonne. Bella taught art history, wrote numerous academic papers and delivered informative, first hand experiences in lecture form, of her grandfather Marc Chagall’s work. Invited to take on responsibilities for the Visual Arts at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Bella settled in New York, where she held this position for a number of years. Adding to her expanding list of accomplishments, she has had her hand in costume design and mask-making for a number of theatre performances and also created many puppets for her own puppet show productions. Bella's passion for beauty and aesthetics, led her to become a floral designer. In a recent publication Bella describes her love for flowers, “to discover its essence—opening, life, death—is to experience an unimaginable mystery.” Bella founded FleursBELLA, a floral design and décor company, in 2005, focusing her talents on creating floral arrangements much in the way an artist paints.

Elegant Earrings: Exquisite Figures

Friday, December 8th
1:00pm - 4:30pm

Non-Members: $90.00
Members: $81.00
Ages: 14+

Create Elegant Earrings perfect for the holidays and gift giving! Shape your earrings into exquisite shapes and figures! Each student will be able to make a couple of pairs of French Hook earrings with an assortment of beads in a variety of colors and sizes. All Materials are included. Ages 14+

Kat Knutsen is a multimedia artist with a background in fine art, animation, music, higher education, mural art, and community engagement. She worked on the ‘Loving Vincent’ project and designed the popular Jazz Mural located on Centre St in downtown New Bedford. She got her Masters in Fine art at UMass Dartmouth and is currently a professor at Bristol Community College. She runs a studio at Kilburn Mills where she regularly hosts figurative art and other types of creative sessions. In her down time over the last fifteen years Kat built a practice of creating wire-beaded jewelry to relax in between her other projects.

“I find joy in making wearable art. My journey into jewelry making began as a personal hobby. It has grown to become a source of stress relief, creative expression, and a fun challenge for building hand-eye coordination. I have always been drawn to the interplay of color, pattern, line, and silhouette. Creating jewelry allows me to explore these elements with a tactile approach. The process is very meditative.”

Handmade Glass Pendants

Thursday, December 14th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Non-members: $100
Members: $90
Ages: 14+

Make a pendant to hang on a necklace to give to that special someone for the holidays! Students will have the chance to cut and assemble pieces of sheet glass to make pendants to be fused in a kiln after class. Each student will make 2 pieces in one hour and learn the safety and science behind cold and "warm" glass. Learn cold glass and hot glass techniques to create pendants. This class is great for kids and adults! No experience necessary.

Kim Savoie received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2013 with a concentration in glass and photography. During her time at Mass Art she began to incorporate both mediums to create sculptures that inform her photographs. She began teaching glassblowing her senior year after a semester long production internship at Almost Perfect Glass in North Cambridge.


Museum Art Jams

Price: $100 per person including the materials for all 4 classes in the session. Or $30 per class/drop-in including materials.

MUSEUM ART JAMS are a great way to cut loose and get creative! No matter your age, experience, or skill level there's something here for everyone. You can either bring your own project and get expert advice from professional artists on site or follow along with the creation of the day and try your hand at a variety of mediums and artforms! We've explored things like painting, sculpture, paper mache, collage, drawing, printmaking, Fiber Arts, and more! Who knows what the next project could be at Museum Art Jams!

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Devin "Nived" McLaughlin is a versatile mixed-media artist hailing from the vibrant city of New Bedford, MA. With artistic styles spanning from classical to abstract, Nived draws boundless inspiration from the contrasting tapestry of the post-industrial urban hubs and serene rural landscapes of South Coast New England. Their heart beats for fostering creative communities and cultivating an enduring love for the arts. As a mentor and educator, Nived has guided countless individuals through the captivating world of painting. Since 2012, they've hosted more than 800 workshops, events, and classes, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring artists and seasoned creators alike. Their passion for connecting people with the transformative power of art shines through as they teach in schools, museums, and private settings. Embracing a primarily self-taught journey, Nived's artistic path has been enriched by a mentorship with the esteemed sculptor John Magnan. Furthermore, they have earned a fine arts associate degree from Bristol Community College, deepening their dedication to their craft and honing their artistic prowess. Rooted in the belief that art thrives within communities, Nived embraces an array of styles and techniques in their mixed-media creations. Their work transcends traditional boundaries, reflecting the essence of the dynamic world they inhabit. With an enduring appreciation for the beauty of their surroundings, Nived's art seeks to unite diverse perspectives and celebrate the interconnectedness of life. In their ever-evolving artistic journey, Nived aspires to continue sharing their passion, empowering others to discover their creative voices, and leaving a lasting mark on the canvas of human expression in our communities.
Lead Art Educator Devin "Nived" McLaughlin. Credit: Heath Pettine
Lead Art Educator Devin "Nived" McLaughlin. Credit: Heath Pettine

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