Bella Meyer

Gateways to Awareness explores the role of memory, perception and the five senses in our appreciation of art and the world around us. The artworks included in the exhibition engage the viewer in multi-sensory experiences across a variety of genres and media including disability, floral, olfactory, and sound art(s). This year-end show is a veritable tasting menu of the experimental and experiential forms of art the Museum is scheduled to present over the next two years.

Bella Meyer

Bella Meyer

Born in Paris and raised in Switzerland, Bella Meyer was born immersed in the world of art. She always painted while studying art history and obtaining her Ph.D in medieval art history from the Sorbonne. Bella taught art history, wrote numerous academic papers and delivered informative, first hand experiences in lecture form, of her grandfather Marc Chagall’s work. Invited to take on responsibilities for the Visual Arts at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Bella settled in New York, where she held this position for a number of years. Adding to her expanding list of accomplishments, she has had her hand in costume design and mask-making for a number of theatre performances and also created many puppets for her own puppet show productions. Bella's passion for beauty and aesthetics, led her to become a floral designer. In a recent publication Bella describes her love for flowers, “to discover its essence—opening, life, death—is to experience an unimaginable mystery.” Bella founded FleursBELLA, a floral design and décor company, in 2005, focusing her talents on creating floral arrangements much in the way an artist paints.

Artist Statement

As I walk through the endless fields of tall reeds, cat tails and grasses, all so particular to our East Coast, I seem to hear faint songs of the past, melodies evoquing an immensely deep history of this soil, witness of so many lives……

The tall grasses, as they sway in the wind are the ones which also remind us of the endless waves in the ocean, the movements of the sails appearing and disappearing, sliding through the waves. Again they hold on to the mysteries of so many memories passing through or drowned in the depth of the sea.

Walking on this rich soil, meandering through the high grasses, I come upon birch trees. And then I remember how extraordinary an event it was for me when, long ago, visiting the North of Russia, near to what was then called Leningrad, I entered a birch tree forest, and for the first time ever felt a visceral belonging to these trees, as if my whole ancestry was linked to them.

This ancient memory stays with me, and that’s why I love the birches on our coast up north so very much.

Here they appear within the grasses, like a welcoming tree of ever growing memories.
Meyer Memories Sketch

Bella Meyer
Memories, 2023
Sketch of installation