Movie Nights

Thursday, July 18
Free For All

An ongoing film series curated by MJ Herrup (aka Mocha,) a film historian, documentary filmmaker, and founder of the New Bedford Film Society. Viewers can choose from animated, art house, and experimental, foreign, Hollywood, and independent feature-length films, and documentaries. Mocha offers deeply insightful film notes and leads lively post-film discussions among audience members.

This Month:
Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

Directed by Roger Corman
Shot in just two days, this beat-era favorite packs plenty of inspired lunacy. Seymour, the inept assistant florist, saves his job by nurturing a man-eating plant to health and drawing customers--and more than a little blood. As the chorus of "Feed me, FEED me!" coming from the talking plant reaches a crescendo, Seymour is forced to find more victims. Jack Nicholson's breakout moment comes in his comic turn as a masochistic dental patient who gets giddy over the prospect of having his teeth pulled!
[Source: Roger Corman official YouTube page]