Museum Expansion & Renovation Project



Expansion Project Presentation

In partnership with the Mayor’s Office, the Board of the New Bedford Art  Museum/Artworks! is undertaking a multi-year project to renovate the Anthony S. Catojo Jr. Building to double gallery space, enhance security, and
environmental controls to meet museum-quality standards.

The Museum Expansion & Renovation Project is made possible by these fine Institutions and you, our website visitors. Please consider donating.

City of New Bedford

The expansion project will contribute to the cultural, educational, and economic life of the community in New Bedford

Here's how

  • By making the City’s collection more accessible to residents and visitors

  • Creating a museum that will enhance New Bedford as a destination for cultural institutions and activities of the element

  • Growing the City collection by providing a venue that encourages donations of art relevant to the City and its history of the element

  • Enhancing the stature and viability of NBAM

  • Expanding the Museum’s child and adult educational programming by using the City Collection to illustrate and explore the City’s cultural and economic historyof the element

  • Located across from the New Bedford Free Public Library and diagonally across from City Hall, this renovation will create a City Campus within the Cultural District as well as within the TDI District


What's Happening...

The museum's plan is to renovate all three floors of its building at 608 Pleasant St. Occhino said the main focus will be doubling the size of the gallery and reconstructing the education space. NBAM's plans also include enhancing security and environmental controls.

New Bedford Art Museum Artworks renovation plan
Clasky Common New Bedford Art Museum

Courting the Sky

At Clasky Common Park, the New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks got busy on the courts — the basketball courts. “Courting the Sky” became an instantly iconic piece of public art, created in concert between artist Maria Molteni and residents. They came together to define their own neighborhood and claim it as their own, just like at Ben Rose Gardens.

The New Vision

The vision quest for NBAM/Artworks is nothing less than turning the little museum that could into a bonafide destination in the state and region. Signature special shows like the Audubon exhibit a few years back and the hugely popular Peter Souza exhibit of Obama-era photographs, still on display, have brought distinction — and thousands of patrons — to NBAM and the city.

Expansion Project New Bedford Art Museum

A collaboration between the New Bedford Free Public Library (NBFPL) and the New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks!