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The Classes

Mondays | 9:00am - 12:00pm
Members: $180.00 | Non-Members: $200.00
Ages: 5+

Come join our fun pottery class for kids! Learn all about pottery from a super-talented teacher who knows everything about clay. You'll get to play with clay on a cool spinning wheel and make your own cups and bowls. Plus, we'll show you how to paint them with colorful glazes. Everything you need is provided, so get ready for a hands-on adventure.

The Professor, Jillian McEvoy

is a ceramic artist who grew up in New Jersey and New York and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in ceramics from SUNY Cortland, earned in 2019. Following her undergraduate studies, she served as an Instructional Support Technician and then as an Adjunct Lecturer for the ceramics program at SUNY Cortland.

Currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree in ceramics at UMass Dartmouth since 2022, Jillian's artistic focus lies primarily on vessel-based creations and ceramic installation pieces. Employing the potter's wheel as her primary tool, she generates and manipulates forms, often drawing inspiration from various natural elements and textures, mainly insects and microorganisms. Even in her non-functional works, she strives to maintain a connection to traditional vessel forms and traditional ceramic processes.