Current Exhibitions

NOVEMBER 9, 2023 – DECEMBER 31, 2023

Gateways to Awareness explores the role of memory, perception and the five senses in our appreciation of art and the world around us. The artworks included in the exhibition engage the viewer in multi-sensory experiences across a variety of genres and media including disability, floral, olfactory, and sound art(s). This year-end show is a veritable tasting menu of the experimental and experiential forms of art the Museum is scheduled to present over the next two years.

Participating Artists Include:

M Dougherty
Lindsey Dunnagan
Brian Goeltzenleuchter
Derek Hoffend
Molly Joyce
Marissa Chappell Massucco
Bella Meyer
Rachel Rosenkrantz

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 – DECEMBER 3, 2023

Looking at Black Portraiture is a tightly focused, informal exhibition organized around three major themes, representations of Black Americans by Black artists, the artistic process itself, and finally, how the genre of portraiture , and dissemination of portrait images has changed over time. On display are preparatory drawings, maquettes (small preliminary models) and finished portraits by a select group of intergenerational black artists, John Wilson (1922-2015,) Richard Blake (1943-) and William Kennedy (1987-).