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Call for Sounds

The New Bedford Art Museum invites New Bedford residents to submit short recordings of the sounds that make up New Bedford’s unique “soundscape.” What are the sounds that make New Bedford familiar—like home? What sounds anchor you in place? What sounds would you miss if they suddenly went silent? We want to hear what you hear! NBAM will incorporate a selection of these sounds into a collective portrait of New Bedford comprising resident contributions via an online map.

Learning Studio: Literacy Through the Arts

Little ones and their caregivers create, build language skills, and learn together through stories and art. The Learning Studio offers visual arts, music, dance, drama, and storytelling to introduce communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

Our program is entirely free thanks to our generous partners and sponsors: The  New Bedford Free Public Library, The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Community Foundation of Southeastern MassachusettsNew Bedford Free Cable Acces, and The GNBYA.

Ricky Rainbow Beard-reduced

Past Programs

Exploring My City Through Art YouTube logo

Exploring My City Through Art

Have fun exploring New Bedford and its history through drawing, painting, illustration, and sculpture while having creative fun. Join us for video lessons, virtual field trips, and more all online – this is a great way to keep the kids busy at home. This program is designed for children in grades 4-5.

Our program is entirely free thanks to our generous funders:  City of New Bedford's Invest in Kids Program, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Island Foundation, and the Amelia Peabody Foundation.

Museum Dog and Friends

Have you met art’s best friend? Join Museum Dog and his friends as they explore our exhibitions!

Museum Dog! is a video series highlighting artists and exhibitions featured at New Bedford Art Museum and around the city. In each episode, a Labrador Retriever named Museum Dog and his friends Creative Canine and Bark Ranger introduce viewers to elements and principles of design such as texture or color. Museum Dog! is produced by New Bedford Art Museum and New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park.

Creative Convos

New Bedford Art Museum virtually hosts creative conversations with artists, curators, and community members in a series of interviews about their practice, background, and work. This series aims to promote the preservation of modern and contemporary art by exchanging knowledge and information between professionals. The value of this primary source material is immense, addressing issues such as materials and techniques used, working processes, the meaning of the artwork, and the artist’s views on trending topics.

Virtual Residency: Fiber Optic Fridays

In 2020, New Bedford Art Museum turned the spotlight on digital media artists with an online series called Fiber Optic Fridays! (FOF!). FOF! was a two-week virtual residency where emerging artists present video, sound, animation, and other digital artworks. The Museum partnered with some of the most forward-thinking artists of our time in bringing their visions to life. Here, in their own words, many of these artists share their creative process and their stories.

FOF! is produced by New Bedford Art Museum and sponsored by the Fiber Optic Center.