Exhibition Proposals

New Bedford Museum invites exhibition proposals from artists, independent curators, scholars, partner institutions, and community members.

Exhibition proposals should be directed to the Executive Director, [email protected], and will be reviewed by the Museum’s exhibition committee quarterly. In general, New Bedford Art Museum! considers exhibitions two to five years in advance. Please note curators should not include their own work in exhibition proposals.

In addition to the information below, please provide an exhibition checklist of artwork on display. Include information such as image, artist name, title, and media type for each piece and the proposed gallery layout.

Exhibition proposals must include:

  • Explain how the exhibition complements, enhances, and fulfills the mission at New Bedford Art Museum!
  • Checklist of artworks to be exhibited (including sample images). We elaborate on this in the paragraph above.
  • Description of the theme and content of the exhibition.
  • What inspirations influenced the theme and content of the exhibition you are proposing?
  • The proposed timing for display at the Museum.
  • List of possible related educational activities and programs, i.e., talks, workshops, etc., that might concur with the exhibit.
  • The proposed budget, including but not limited to shipping, installation/de-installation, and reception expenses
  • Proposed timeline of tasks and deadlines.
  • Does your work require specific installation techniques or equipment? Let us know what those are. And Examples: Audio-visual equipment, number of electrical outlets, or specialized wall mounts.
  • Proposed sponsorship partners and plan for publicity/media coverage.