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Art by Jillian R. McEvoy

About SAIP

The Student Artist Internship Program (SAIP) offers an enriching opportunity for senior-level high school and college students to immerse themselves in the world of art. This program allows aspiring artists to explore various artistic media and collaborate with established artists to create unique and meaningful artwork. The culmination of this creative journey is a showcase of their work at the New Bedford Art Museum.

Artists and students set their own meeting schedule with a minimum of 4hrs/week for 8 weeks.


Coming soon in the upcoming school year.
Applications are currently being accepted.


Artistic Experience


Medium Exploration: Students have the chance to experiment with a variety of
artistic media, including painting, sculpture, glass, and more.

Collaborative Projects: Work alongside professional artists on collaborative projects,
gaining insight into creative processes and techniques.



Studio Time: Participate in dedicated studio sessions where students can practice and refine their craft under the guidance of experienced artists.
Proposal Writing: Learn how to create compelling art project proposals, an essential skill for securing funding and exhibitions.

Budgeting: Gain practical knowledge on budgeting for art projects, including material costs, labor, and other expenses.

Artist Statements: Develop the ability to articulate artistic vision and concepts through well-crafted artist statements.

Portfolio Building: Receive guidance on compiling a professional portfolio that showcases individual strengths and artistic accomplishments.



Exhibition at New Bedford Art Museum: Students' artwork will be displayed in a dedicated exhibition at the New Bedford Art Museum, providing a platform for public recognition and appreciation of their talent.

Benefits: art projects.


Lead Art Educator Devin "Nived" McLaughlin. Credit: Heath Pettine

Devin McLaughlin

Devin “Nived” McLaughlin is a multi-faceted artist and educator with an A.A. in Fine Art. Their specialties include painting, drawing, and sculpture. Works made by Devin are retained in private collections across the United States.


Kim Savoie

Savoie received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2013 with a concentration in glass and photography. She began teaching glassblowing her senior year after a semester-long production internship at Almost Perfect Glass in North Cambridge.

Savoie has worked in many studios assisting others, teaching, and creating her own work. She spent 3 of those years working for the Corning Museum of Glass, Blow Glass At Sea Program doing Hot Glass Show demonstrations for Celebrity Cruise line guests. From there she focused her energy on helping Pairpoint Glass Company open a glassblowing school. Teaching people about glass is a passion of hers that flows through her daily work. Now exclusively working for herself she is continuously building her production portfolio and collections of glass work.

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Jillian R. McEvoy

McEvoy's ceramic work explores nature's smallest inhabitants, particularly insects, and microorganisms, celebrating their intricate beauty and complexity. She translates their fascinating structures through traditional ceramic processes, like generating their initial forms on the potter's wheel.

Through their art, McEvoy aims to bring attention to these microscopic creatures by subverting perspectives and scale. McEvoy works in multiples in installations, highlighting their ever presence around us and emphasizing the multitudes of these creatures. The micro-world inspires the forms, textures, and presentations in their work. As they uncover the wonders of the natural world through clay, McEvoy aims to shed light on these often-overlooked creatures and embrace curiosity and exploration, cultivating a deeper appreciation for the intricate marvels of the world around us.

Bonus Workshop:
Intro to Creative Entrepreneurship 

Dive into the world of creative entrepreneurship with this two-day workshop designed for emerging artists and creative professionals. Led by experienced artist and educator Kat Knutsen, this workshop offers practical skills and insights into successfully managing and advancing your art career.
This workshop is perfect for those looking to refine their business acumen and elevate their artistic practice. Participants will leave with a clearer understanding of how to present themselves professionally, manage their finances wisely, and communicate effectively in the art world.

The Days

Day 1 focuses on establishing your professional foundation: Learn how to effectively photograph your work, craft compelling artist statements, and design a professional website to showcase your portfolio. These skills are crucial for gaining visibility and engaging with galleries, residencies, and scholarship opportunities.

Day 2 delves into financial management and strategic communication: Participants will gain hands on experience in creating detailed financial and time budgets, analyzing true costs, and understanding overhead. Pricing strategies for services and artwork will be thoroughly discussed. Additionally, learn the art of diplomatic communication—how to state what you need, negotiate effectively, and remain flexible in your professional interactions.

The Instructor 

Knutsen's work integrates community engagement design with Graphic Design, Fine Art, Time-based media, Sound design, and Artist business development. Her approach fluctuates based on a concept's experiential layout.
Her mural work celebrates community history and helps integrate young professional artists into their early business practice. Her work in animation went to the Oscars with 'Loving Vincent'. Her work on Long Swan project blends the visual art, music performance, event coordination, and small business scenes together.

Kat's recent work focuses on helping further develop and connect the scenes in visual arts, music performance, and small businesses in New Bedford, MA. Her vision focuses on helping expand community skill capacity by helping create opportunities for professional teamwork in the artist community and individual development.



The program is open to senior-level high school students and college students with a passion for art and a desire to further their skills and experience in a professional setting.
Applicants must be 18 years or older.


Application Process

Interested students can apply by submitting an application form, along with a portfolio of their work and a brief statement of their artistic interests and goals.


Selection Criteria

Participants will be selected based on the quality of their portfolio, creativity, and commitment to artistic growth.

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Art by Devin Mclaughlin

Join the Student Artist Internship Program and take the next step in your artistic journey.

Explore, create, and showcase your talent at the New Bedford Art Museum!