Twirl & Whirl

Thursday, May 30
Free For All

Experience dance and movement at the Art Museum.
Visiting guest choreographers and dancers present performances, lectures, and workshops to introduce new and classic dance forms monthly.

This Month: Regarding Glass

“I am creating a relationship between the interior and exterior by juxtaposing opaque and translucent, glossy & matte, with light and dark.”
- Nick Leonoff, Portal #36

Regarding Glass is designed to consider our internal and external being as one and the same. Like with the medium of glass, this dance is meant to be opaque, translucent, and still depending upon the perspective we bring to it in each moment.  Through this dance, Steve Vaughn works to develop the vocabulary to explore how internal experiences of the conscious mind and breath affect the body that is its universe.

Steve Vaughn attended high school in Mattapoisett, MA before pursuing a dance career in Philadelphia and New York City.  Vaughn was a member of the illustrious Parsons Dance in New York City where he danced signature works including “Caught,” the David Parsons famous strobe-lit solo. After almost a decade with Parsons, Vaughn earned an MFA in dance from Hollins University, and spent several years teaching at colleges and universities. His work in dance has brought him to a dozen countries to learn, teach, and perform.  Steve’s constant curiosity for movement led to working in physical therapy, as well as coaching the USA National Luge Team, including multiple Olympic medalists. Vaughn is a resident of Mattapoisett, the dance coach at Tabor Academy in Marion, and the owner of The Studio on Pope’s Island, which offers multiple forms of Pilates.


Things That Are Not Things

Tuesday, June 18
Free For All

A playful superimposition of sounds, words, and actions around Dale Chihuly’s Luminous Silver.

Andy Russ is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and producer, based in Providence, RI. He creates work that moves freely between the genres of dance, theater, music and video, challenging the conventions of performance practice and audience expectation. Through processes of refraction, misappropriation, and serendipity, he playfully exposes the underlying poetry of the everyday, and questions the assumptions not only of our thinking, but also of the bodies and spaces in which we inhabit.

For over 30 years, Andy has been making and helping others make art. Originally from North Carolina, he spent 10 years in New York City, surfing the downtown dance scene, while acting as Music Supervisor for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. In 2005, he relocated to Rhode Island to take on the role of Artistic Coordinator for cellist Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. As a designer, he has created soundscores, lighting, and projections for over 100 dance, theatre, film, and radio productions. He is a founding co-director of Motion State Arts, an Adjunct Professor of Dance at Roger Williams University, and most recently a teacher of Integrated Art and Music at the Wolf School. Since 2014, his home for invention is Passive Aggressive Novelty Company.

Things That Are Not Things is the 2nd commissioned work from the New Bedford Art Museum.

Eight Feet Tall

Tuesday, July 9
Free For All

Traditional Irish dance & music
Featuring instrumentalists Dan Accardi (the Ivy Leaf) and Armand Aromin (the Ivy Leaf, the Vox Hunters) and dancers Rebecca McGowan and Jackie O’Riley (co-creators of From the Floor, 2022 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellows in Choreography), Eight Feet Tall approaches steps and tunes with both intense respect for tradition and keen sensitivity to the shared rhythmic experience of music and dance. Instruments, shoes, voices, and whole bodies enter into conversation with one another to create complex sonic textures amid vibrant visual interplay. 
Eight Feet Tall - photo Brennish Thomson