Download a pdf of the 2019 schedule HERE.

Operating much like a bookmobile, the 2 purple vans, each with 2 experienced art educators, engage low-income children with fun educational art activities at 20 New Bedford community sites for 7 weeks during July and August.

The art educators provide daily art activities for the children, many of whom enjoy the artMOBILE visits as their only summer enhancement activity. This past summer we served 1,673 children.  Attending children and families were treated to free art museum passes and informed and invited to attend other programs available at the art museum during the year.  Our signature artMOBILE program is highly valued as a community outreach program that serves to engage families in creative educational experiences and access to the arts.

Sponsored in part by Leonard & Hilda Kaplan Charitable Foundation, New Bedford Educational Foundation, New Bedford Day Nursurey,  New Bedford Rainy Day Fund, and our patrons and members.