2018 Exhibitions

New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks! offers a variety of exciting exhibitions that highlight regional artists, contemporary artworks, and historical exhibits. Check out our upcoming exhibitions.




Featuring works from the New Bedford Free Public Library Collection
Curated by Louie Doherty
Reception: Friday, Jun 1, 2018 from 6-8pm

Audubon Original Prints of the Birds of America: The fluctuating bird population of the Northeast. When Europeans came to New England and New York, the Wampanoag, Iroquois, and other native tribes were peopling the area. These settlers cleared the land of its trees and established farms. After a few centuries, industrialization prompted people to move to towns and cities in search of jobs. As a result, the birds were negatively affected. On the positive side, many avian species are growing in the North East. The use of bird feeders, the increase of wildlife refuges and other protected lands, the building of nest platforms are just some of the reasons the bird population remains. The exhibition of John James Audubon prints will start with 31 bird species that are declining today on exhibit in New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks!’s Skylight Gallery. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the prints will slowly be replaced, a few at a time, by 31 species of birds that are increasing in New England and New York. The exhibition literally evolves, beckoning bird lovers to return to the Museum for something new several times throughout the run of the exhibition. Viewers will have the opportunity to view 45 Audubon prints that have not been public for decades.

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Reception: Friday, Nov 2, 2018 from 6-8pm

Each year New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks! celebrates their artist members through a juried exhibition. The 2018 Members Exhibition will be bigger than ever, taking over the Museum’s main galleries, there are more opportunities for larger works and more participants.



Reception: Thursday, Apr 12, 2018 AHA! from 6-8pm


Reception: Friday, Jun 1, 2018 from 6-8pm


Adrian Tió, a Midwestern transplant with Puerto Rican parents, creates vivacious, figurative imagery that acts as hybrids, combining “elements of both mainstream America and exotic Hispania.”

Reception: Friday, Nov 2, 2018 from 6-8pm



DON BURTON                               

Reception: Friday, Jun 1, 2018 from 6-8pm

Don is a filmmaker and digital media artist whose work explores issues of place, community and identity. In 2011 Don established an award winning studio in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His independent films have screened at festivals in the Czech Republic, South Korea and Portugal.


MIMI CHRZANOWSKI                   

Reception: Thursday, Aug 9, 2018 from 6-8pm

Mimi Chrzanowski was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in a small farming town in Wisconsin. Chrzanowski now lives in Providence, RI where she explores adventure stories, absurd humor, magical realism, inner power, and playfulness through drawings, comics, paintings, animated GIFs, illustrations, screenprints, and self-published books.

Reception: Friday, Nov 2, 2018 from 6-8pm

Hayley Morris has directed commercials for Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Burt’s Bees, HumanaOne, Kate Spade, The Detroit Zoo, Paragard  and many more. She has also been an animator and fabricator on commercials for Special K, Mcdonalds, Toyota, The New York Times, Cadbury, and a fabricator for the NYC Macy’s Christmas Windows. Hayley has a passion for creating music videos and has directed work for Iron and Wine, Explosions in the Sky, Pure Bathing Culture and grammy award winning violinist Hilary Hahn and oscar nominated composer Hauschka. Hayley’s work has been featured in film festivals and museums worldwide.

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