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jon petro, NBAM

9/1/2017 – 11/12/2017

Fatherhood is a subject rarely mined by artists, but when a lifetime of abstract painting was put on the backburner for his two sons, Jon Petro found a conceptual point of departure pregnant with possibilities.

BECOMING A DAD is a massive solo exhibition in New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks!’s Heritage Gallery featuring ten large-scale paintings that decode Petro’s daily interactions with his wife and sons through color, shape, and form.

SCAPES: Placemaking in the 21st Century

“Paintings are to teach  man to see the glory of human visual existence,” said Henry Hensche, the Cape Cod painter and student of Cape Cod School of Art’s founder, Charles Hawthorne. Hensche, Hawthorne, and Hopper were three painters that dominated 20th-century landscape painting from the South Coast out to Provincetown. Their reach, combined with the famed Hudson River School has made America infamous for golden skies, pink waters, and purple mountain majesties. Is this only what Hensche meant when he called on New England artists to draw out the “glory of human visual existence”?

SCAPES: Placemaking in the 21st Century is an exhibit of contemporary painters, photographers, digital media artists and sculptors who are not finished unpacking said glory. Artists today are flipping the Modernist focus on the sublimity of nature to a postmodern exploration of internal landscapes, housed in the individual and cultivated, not only by what is seen en plein air,  but also experienced socially, culturally and emotionally.

12/2017 – 3/2018

Each year New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks! celebrates their artist members through a juried exhibition.

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