Hand Building At Home

Handbuilding at Home – Basics of Slab Pottery
Online video instruction,  rolling admission
with Madison Moreno

Museum Members: $25 per session         Non-Members: $28 per session
Clay + Firing Fee: $10 per session

Explore hours worth of clay classes at home! Get unlimited access to slab making, pinching, coiling, and more.

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Throughout the course of Handbuilding at Home, we will also be adding in SO many other exciting techniques to push your ceramic practice to the next level. Additional techniques include; stamping, embossing, imprinting with natural fibers and found objects, attaching feet, creative handles, and carving.

Contact us to set up your CURBSIDE CLAY PICKUP – email us at [email protected]

*Please note that if the website does not allow you to register for a class, the class is full.*

Project 1: Slab Mugs

 Session 1: Basics of Slab Pottery Have fun with functional and sculptural ceramics with Madison Moreno!



CLICK HERE TO ENROLL and set up your curbside clay pick up. 

Museum Members: $25 per session
Non-Members: $28 per session
Clay + Firing Fee: $10 per session