FriYAY: Candida Rose
Friday, March 1st
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Free Admission

Born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, “Candida Rose” Baptista is a 2nd generation American-born KabuVerdiana. She is a vocalist, song-writer, entertainer, music and cultural educator.

Her most recent album, "Here I AM!", details the many steps of her spiritual journey through an exploration of gospel, New Age, traditional, reggae, and other sounds.

Her 10-song debut CD entitled “KabuMerikana: The Sum of Me”, combines her Cape Verdean musical roots with her American (primarily jazz) influences, a mixture she calls “KabuJazz”.

It is said that she captivates her audiences and stirs them with a uniquely compelling voice that combines the overtones and undertones of jazz, rhythm and blues, and gospel with just the right touch of international spice.

  • Complimentary admission to Museum galleries
  • Cash bar
  • Snacks for purchase


FriYAY: Sleepless In New England
Friday, April 5th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Free Admission

Blending music, photography, cinematography, fashion and live performance together for a one-of-a-kind experience with sounds based in hip hop.

Bristol County Castro, Hendrick Hernandez-Resto, Emilio Tirado of Emilio Edits, Matthew Dasilva of Everclear Studios,Tyrone Giraud of Tyrone El Ministro, and Damian Dapice of MyPackLouder combine to form a 6 person group of interdisciplinary creatives from New Bedford known as Sleepless In New England.