Free Concert For All
Friday, June 7

Folk, soul, pop, electronica, rock, hip-hop, and jazz, are just some of the genres you might hear at any given FriYAY event. Curated by Scott Bishop, a New Bedford-based singer, songwriter, and sound sculptor, visitors hear local musicians play a two-hour set.

This Month: Pebbles of Rain

The problem with writing a bio for Pebbles of Rain is that the band is singular and by way of that, not easy to define. They’re mostly acoustic, true, but beyond that not-even-fully-true limitation, their sounds exist beyond genre limits. So what will you find in this difficult-to-define space? Thoughtful orchestrated arrangements, eclectic instrumentation, multiple traditional music influences, emotionally honest songwriting, unique subject matter, poetic lyrics, true polyphony, vocals that range from sweet and subtle to intense and powerful, and a synergistic collaboration of four intrepid genre-defying songwriters.

It would be convenient if it were easier to put a single label on it… but that doesn’t detract in any way from how easy it is to be drawn in by the sounds Jeff Angeley, Steven Brum, Sam Babineau, and Christian Camarao make together. Their many individual strengths and successes are numerous and the sound of the band as a whole unit brings more than just the sum of those parts.